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I am grade 12 student who has just recently graduated. You might call me accomplished, and in a way, I am, but not in the way you’d think. 12 years of pouring over text books and being lined up to be judged in front of my peers has not made me any more intelligent. I can tell you the first 45 digits of Pi and I can explain to you the difference between an acid and a base, I can recite the Pythagorean Theorem in my sleep, I will recite lines out of a textbook like they are a religion. But I cannot tell you the value of security, or of kindness. The distinct contrast between personal health and personal gain. I can tell you in grade 10 four of my classmates attempted to take their own lives before finals. I can tell you our counsellors office is always booked. I can tell you how when I didn’t understand something in AP Chemistry my teacher asked me to leave if I could not participate in his class. I merely asked him to explain a question. Instead of doing his job and teaching, he told me to leave. Told me I was not good enough to be there. Mistakes are viewed as failure in these hallways. A wrong answer is a sin you must atone to, not a human error, but a flaw so grand it defines your entire life course. There is no “average” here. We all must exceed expectations. Do your parents know that a grade that is considered average is a “C”? When I got a C in fourth grade my parents grounded me for a month. They said I was lazy and stupid and incompetent and that I’d better smarten up and stop fooling around. I never fooled around. I am driven by a deep need to impress others. I never fool around. I worked and worked and worked, with a deep hollow of anxiety in my chest. I have never been good at History, but I worked and worked and I attained at best a low B. It was not good enough. It is not said but we are expected to put our education before our personal health. It is not asked of us, but it is what we must do to achieve what we are asked to achieve. Our teachers will tell you, “Oh, I only give them one hour of homework each night.” Which is essentially true, each of my five teachers only gives me one to two hours of homework each night. Hmm, that adds up to 5-10 hours of homework, and overdue classwork, and projects. Say goodbye to sleep, say goodbye to feeling calm. I’ve developed a deep rooted anxiety disorder due to school and perfectionistic tendencies. Even when you get 100 percent on an assignment they still criticise you, it is never good enough. One slip, and you are in deep deep trouble. I can tell you that 90 percent of us try our hardest, and our teachers and parents stand in the sidelines, screaming, “You can do better than that!”
Why I say our education system is flawed (via ding-ang-bato)

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You are meant to fight. When you are sick, your body fights for its right to function. When you hold your breath, your body fights for its right to breathe. There are billions of tiny events—from the surface of your skin, down to the very cells of your body—that have to happen in order for you to be simply sitting here today. If your most minuscule parts haven’t given up yet,

Why should you?

Hi! Natanggap ba ng transferee ang UST-Arki? Kabado kasi ako... nagfirst year ako sa ibang university, then nagstop ako ngayon to pursue archi next year. Hope you could give me some info about transfering to UST. I think di rin kasi sila natanggap ng 2nd sem. Thanks :)

I’ll ask the arki office about the transferring tomorrow. Hindi rin kasi ako sure and mahirap kapag hindi legit info, you know. I’ll answer your question again tomorrow evening =))))

Hi! Which is better, 1st batch or 2nd batch? (for USTET)

Doesn’t matter as long as you’re ready :)

First time kita makita kanina after months of stalking your tumblr!!! Pleaase dont tell me ur lesbian ate :( Bakit kasama ka nung mga boys na mukhang nagbabasketball. Btw, arki freshie hereeee

Basketball sana kami kahapon kaso hindi pinayagan nung guard, that’s why. Mukha ba kong lesbian :( haha I’m not. Sila lang talaga blocmates ko on our block, kasi nasanay na rin siguro na palaging kasama? Lol. Goodluck on your first year! And sa cut off :)

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Hi ate! :) dream course ko po kasi yung architecture, pero may part sa akin na nag sasabi na wag na lang yun ang kunin ko. Hindi ako magaling mag drawing at di rin kagalingan sa math. Pero naiisip ko naman po na bakit hindi mo kuhanin o ituloy kasi dream mo yun walang impossible. Sana po maka pagbigay ka ng advice. Thank you so much xx💕

A dream is a dream. Don’t just let go of that dream just because you’re afraid to take the challenge of drawing and math. In our course, we don’t really do freestyle drawings that much. We are oftentimes following a certain model and given measurements. There are different techniques that will help you improve your drawing and coloring skills so you don’t have to worry. And so what if you’re not good in math? I’m not good in math either, and I will never be in love with math. I already survived 2 maths and still have 1 more to go. I believe that you can do it too (pero limot ko na mga inaral ko sa math ko nung first year haha) So if you really want it, go for it. If you fail, you have the choice to try again or accept the failure and dream another dream =))))


Boys will be boys.

Proud kababayan here

Pano po ginawa nyo sa sphere? Yung sa plate no.2? :(

Hindi perfect sphere sakin and unfortunately, di ko na maalala kung pano ginawa ng blockmates ko yung pagkaperfect ng sphere nila :(((( Sorry. Goodluck on your plate tho!

Tuwing kailan po yung yellow day?

Tuwing may importanteng laban ang Tigers =)))))))

May pagkanonsense na tanong.. Pero, mas maganda po ba yung makintab na side ng bristol board para sa labas? :))

Yes, mas maganda sya ng mga 10% lol

Ate yung summer po sa arki hanggang what year po? nakalagay po ksi dun sa myuste na pati 4th yr meron po ata.

Until 4th year. Pero usually kapag summer parang 2nd yr and 1st yr students na lang makikita mo. Dahil siguro konti lang subejcts ng 3rd & 4th yr kaya chill na yung summer nila compared to the lower years =))))

Hi ate :) incoming interior design naman po ang course ko :((( sayang hindi po arki pero sa ust rin po ako :) may idea po ba kayo about shifting courses? :)

Hello there :) Do you have any pans na magshift sa arki? Sorry pero di ko alam, may naririnig akong mga sinasabi ng iba na di na raw tumatanggap ng nagsshift, etc. pero, you know, mahirap kapag hindi legit yung information. Ang gawin mo na lang is mag-inquire ka sa arki office about sa shifting and stuff. =)))) Dun lang naman yun sa 2nd floor :) Godbless!

Hi Ate! More advice pa regarding sa VT subject pleeease. Thank you! :)

Mag experiment ka lang using your pencils, watercolors, or kung anong medium man yung kelangan. You’re going to have your own style and technique, pero make sure to still follow your prof’s instructions. Minsan, kelangan mameet mo yung standards nung prof mo kung ano yung gusto nyang kalabasan ng plate. May mga prof na ayaw sobrang ganda, minsan gusto nila ganito ganyan.

Wag mong babastahin or mamadaliin, and make sure to keep it clean.

Regarding naman sa materials, magbibigay yung prof ng brands and kung anong mga sizes ng yung kelangan. JOLI’S should always be your first choice! Haha jk. Pero seryoso. And kung medyo nagtitipid ka, maganda rin sa Jomar’s, (mas maluwag pa tho mas maliit kesa Joli’s lol) Keep your materials organized. Maganda kung hindi mawawala yung H, HB, 2B on your pencils.

Random lang, masarap mag VT sa room 305 kahit hindi drafting tables yung gamit. Hahaha! =))))) Goodluck!

Hi ate! Last-minute question before school starts: may mga times ba na may early dismissal sa drawing subjects? Parang ang haba kasi ng 4 hours eh :)) Thanks in advance!

It took me 15 minutes to finish typing a perfect answer for this question, pero narealize ko na I don’t want to spoil you that much, so I decided to keep it short and simple.

Haha nagkaka early dismissal din because of different circumstances (may seminar yung prof kaya ieexplain lang tapos take-home, absent kasi may sakit, yung meeting na yun is yung last meeting na inilaan nyo for a certain plate tapos wala pang kasunod na plate tapos natapos mo na, etc.), pero hindi dahil sa mabilis matatapos yung plate, kasi hindi mahaba/hindi maikli yung 4 hours :)