Day III: Eight ways to win your heart

i. Accept my every flaw. I don’t need you to see them as beautiful, I just want you to accept them no matter how awful they may be.

ii. Make me laugh. Make me so happy when I’m around you. Like I’m gonna choke up all the air that I breathe and just burst out my happiest self.

iii. Let me feel comfortable around you. No awkwardness, and even if there is the slightest moment of inconvenience, let’s just laugh at the thought that maybe we’ve told each other everything already or we’re just too lazy to even speak.

iv. Comfort me at my saddest times. Make me feel like I’m never alone, that it’s normal to get hurt because that’s what being human is and eventually, I will be okay and things will be fine.

v. And even though we could have our together-times, let’s have some outings. Let’s go over to a bookstore and read or just drive off to the nearest cinema to watch a movie together. And if it’d be a grand one, let’s go on a road trip, go hiking, watch the stars together, do illegal and immoral stuff. (not literally though, you know, the not-so-ordinary yet fun trips)

vi. Treat me as your “partner in crime”, your “sidekick when the odds aren’t in favor”, you know, the best-friend type.

vii. Understand my moodswings. Understand my doubts about this world. Understand that there are things in life that aren’t just so clear in my view. Understand. And if you can not, at least try to.

viii. Be your goddamn self. I don’t want to be in front of a dashing, close-to-perfect guy knowing that he isn’t himself on what he shows. I want you to act normal. As the guy in a famous movie said, “Think casual, act casual, be casual,” and I believe that you should to.

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There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

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Late post. March 29, 2014. Impromptu outing with le fam ft. Justin (incomplete because some relatives are busy, so we decided to be on a public resort instead of reserving a private pool) This kind of family bonding during summer never gets old. <3

First row - National Arts Museum, UPLB and World Expo Philippine Pavilion 1970 by Leandro Locsin to be used for our VT3 plates

2nd row - my friend’s VT3 plate (didn’t put a rendered National Museum because my friend deleted her photo on facebook and I couldn’t find another plate posted lol)

Have to do and finish two plates within 7 days. This week’s turning out to be chiller than I expected. As much as I wanted to do better on rendering, my materials aren’t cooperating. I have to buy new set of tech pens because my tech pens gave up on me already :( and I couldn’t rely on my new blockmates materials (because borrowing is irritating haha and hassle) I was thinking of using unipins or other cheaper pens so I could save money and explore different means of rendering using different medium. I wanna post my plates here and I’m using that as a motivation and an inspiration to do better on my next couple of plates.

And btw, I hate the change of schedule. MWF is much better than having a Monday to Friday classes on both of the summer subjects. It’s so hassle to travel at around 9-10 am everyday especially when you’re living in Parañaque (or Batangas) where traffic seems like forever. Not to mention that it’s summer and there are days when you really can’t stand the heat anymore. Can’t wait for this semester to be over hahaha three more weeks before my real summer starts. 

Basketball and Softball Summer League

It’s been two days of watching straight softball games every morning and basketball every night. I really wanna join this year’s summer league but they have removed the games for girls because most of the players on our place are more interested on games played by boys or men. (or maybe not everyone’s gonna cooperate)

This is really something I enjoy watching. I like seeing actual games where I can understand sports facts and stuff. I like seeing real coaching and how they manage their teams. Not to mention that my father is coaching every year and also my ex boyfriend was this year’s coach on my brother’s opposing team. Lol. Maybe I’m just really inlove with sports, but not the kind of inlove where I would do anything just to experience playing, but the kind where I would do anything just to understand it better so I can use it in the future.

Crush issues

I haven’t had a permanent crush since college started. It really aint easy to be surrounded by people with an ‘easy to admire’ kind of personality and looks at the same time or even just personality alone. I really have a thing for guys who play instruments or the ones who are into sports (not to mention my arm fetish because guys with nice arms is such a turn on)I know college isn’t about this kind of stuff, but I just wanted to say that it is more fun when you’re inspired haha. It’s not everyday you get to watch a game, or battle of the bands, or random people playing the guitar and having a great jamming session with their blockmates.

Anonymous: Hi ate! :) Ask ko lang po ano magiging procedure if late ka mageenroll. Incoming arki freshie po. :) Thank you! :D

Hello. Sorryyy. I donut really know :( Hintayin mo na lang announcements ng arki student council (twitter, facebook), or maginquire ka na lang sa office if ever hindi mababanggit ng council yung about sa late enrollment. :)

I need someone who will sit on a rooftop with me at 2 in the morning and will tell me their favorite songs and their family problems and how they think the earth was made

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Impromtu reunion @ Mcdo with my original 1ar6 family/Mcdo people (with Sandra, Jamie and Alvin) <3

Summer class just started 3 days back and I still don’t feel comfortable in my new block, which happens to be 1ar6 summer (same as my previous section) Lol idk, maybe I’m not used to being quiet inside the classroom, so I’m always looking for my other friends and previous blockmates on the other blocks. I know, eventually, we’ll get along just fine and start to make new memories and relationships. I’m so looking forward to having an amazing summer with them, and the whole batch :)

Anonymous: Hi ate! Incoming freshman po. I just want to ask if you know some people na binebenta na yung uniforms nila? May nag-tip kasi sakin na bilhin na lang yung mga unif. ng mga di pumasa sa cut-off pero wala naman akong kilala. :( Congratulations, btw for making it! Thanks in advance. :)

Hello, thank you!! :)

Girl or boy? Join the arki freshies group on facebook, may nakita ko na nagpost dun na binebenta unifs nya na girl, kung for boys naman wala pa kong nakikita so far. Pero join ka na din para makainteract mo sila. Goodluck and Godbless :)

1st photo - the brochures from yesterday’s Conex

2nd row - Photombombers

3rd row - Random photos of different thesis plates

Went to the SMX convention center right after our BT class yesterday because our profs required us to collect brochures (for plus points) at CONEX 2014, UAPSA exhibit. Spent our first hour walking around & checking out different exhibits and stuff, and the next couple of hours strolling & having quality time around MOA and Manila Bay <3 <3

(sorry for the low quality photos hashtag samsung problems haha)

Anonymous: What do people think of recon students?

When you’re already in the course you want, people would not care if you passed the entrance test or not as long as they see you striving to do better and getting better. Being reconsidered does not make you less of a student. :)

Anonymous: Anong sem ave mo? (1st and 2nd)

1.something and 2.something haha

Anonymous: Hi ate! Do you happen to have a link to the group?

Just look for UST Architecture Freshies 2014-2015 on facebook :)

Lessons learned:

"Don’t settle for "this will do"

I always have this mentality that I could make it even if I’m not exerting much effort. I’m always trying to be the chill kind of person but I guess what happened regarding the cut-off thing was a lesson for me not to be chill about something that you should take seriously. You should aim higher than what you originally planned.

"You couldn’t just sit there and wait for something good to happen; you gotta make it happen."

You can’t just rely on the hearsay. You have to go out there and do something about it. Not everything worth having comes easy. It feels good to be able to have or achieve something that you know you’ve invested time and effort.

And most importantly, “With God, nothing is impossible.”